Creating Your English Portfolio

Getting Started
“Create Website”
Add email and password

“Find a Custom Address”
- skip this step! (bottom left)

“Choose a theme”
- Choose any: we will change this later

“Which plan would you like to use?”
- Free

Verify your email address: students should log in to their email and activate the email from wordpress

On the left bar > Look and feel > themes
In the search bar “Sobe”
(I recommend this theme as a standard to help everyone learn the same- If students want to change their theme later, they can)

My Site, left side bar > Look and feel > Customize
Widgets > Side bar
Add a Widget > Pages
Remove the rest

Adding Pages

My site > Publish > pages > add
In the title:
English Club (publish)

Lectures and Conferences
Thesis Work
Volunteer Work
Work Samples

Uploading Work

My site, left side bar > publish > pages
To add pictures or pdfs, click “add media”and upload your file
When it is uploading, you should add an appropriate title on the right side bar
To add a video, you should upload to youtube and add the link (insert link is the 11th symbol on the top bar)

What to do in each page

About Me- who are you? what do you study? what are you professional interests?
English Club- Title and date/ short description of what you discussed or learned. If you see a picture of yourself on the Facebook page, add that too! (at least 5 times a semester)

Lectures and Conferences- Title and date/ short description of the topics and speakers. Add any pictures or videos

Thesis Work- upload the pdf of your English thesis summary every year

Volunteer Work- Title and date/ short description of where you volunteered and what you did. Add any photos you have

Work Samples- at least twice a semester, upload your classwork. For example, an essay or a video of one of your presentations