Language Clubs

UCU English Club

Ready to practice your English? Then we want YOU at our English Club meetings with our club leaders Francis Cressotti, Dan Schauer, Laura Brady, Adrian Bihun, Peter Pidjarkowskyj Bykar, Jared Malec and Ihor Matselyukh.

Here is the detailed info on clubs and electives:


English Club with Francis - 2 pm, Room 220, Sventsitskoho Campus.

Drama Club - 2 pm, Room 405, Academic building, Park Campus.

Shakespeare with Jared - 4 pm, Academic building, Park Campus.


English Club with Laura - 3 pm, Room 013, Church basement, Park Campus.

Book Club - 3 pm, Room 205, Academic building, Park Campus.

Movie Club - 6 pm, Room 005, Collegium.


English Club with Dan - 1 pm, Room 104, Khutorivka Campus.

English Club in the Seminary - 4.00 pm, Khutorivka Campus.

Jazz Club - 4.30 pm, Room 203, Sheptytsky Center.

Come and join us!

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Deutschklub UCU

The UCU German Club is for all those who are interested in the German language who want to communicate in German and have a fun time!

Each club meeting is devoted to a particular subject and is posted in advance.We meet twice a month.

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