English Week – 2016

The Ukrainian Catholic University is happy to announce English Week – 2016, an English language educational summer camp tailored for high school students. 

When: 20-25 June, 2016

Where: The Ukrainian Catholic University, 17, Illariona Sventitskoho St. Lviv, Ukraine
Everyday from 10:00am to 5:00pm the participants will have the opportunity:

to experience English learning process outside the school curriculum  

to converse in English with UCU students, teachers and native speaks

to check their own level of English language comprehension

to develop leadership, creativity and communicative skills

to enjoy themselves and make new friends

to familiarize themselves with the University

to improve their English language fluency

to challenge themselves in various language competitions

to broaden their horizons while enjoying a happy, interactive programme

Participants will receive certificates verifying their participation in the program, and the most active students have the possibility of receiving a higher level of recognition for their enthusiasm and activeness! 

All lessons and activities are led by highly-qualified teachers from the UCU and Native-speaking teachers and volunteers. 

Placement Testing takes place on June 14th 2016 at 16:00 

All candidates must sign up for the testing by June 10th 2016!

Candidates can sign up in the office (rm. 431) Monday-Friday: from 10-18:00; or by calling: 240 99 40 (ext. 3147) or 0934249386 or by emailing: halychanka@ucu.edu.ua

The program includes lunch everyday and all learning materials.

We are looking for native speakers to help us make this week an unforgettable experience for the participants.