The Centre for Modern Foreign languages
helps students and staff of UCUlearn foreign languages, provides a top-level education for students enrolled in UCU by offering additional lessons and extra-curricular activities for students and staff, such as the Language Clubs, visiting lecturers and the Writing centre.
Many UCU graduates continue their studies abroad

and the language skills learned at the University serves
as a solid foundation for their academic achievement.

When learning a foreign language at UCU you will experience:

   small groups (up to 10)
   interactive teaching methods
   professional and dedicated teachers

   international guest speakers, native speakers
   a friendly environment for like-minded thinkers 


Latest events

28 Apr 2017

Workshop by Andrew Weston

Workshop on Student centered learning and using peer assessment

Room 128, Sventsitskoho Campus

04 Apr 2017

Conference will be led by Olenyn Natalia

Emotional Intelligence. Understanding Oneself and Others.

Conference hall, Khutorivka Campus

23 Nov 2016

UCU English Club meeting


Topic: Thanksgiving

15:30, Room 013, Park Campus (Kozelnytska str.)

22 Nov 2016

UCU English Club meeting


Topic: Thanksgiving

15:00, Room 013, Park Campus (Kozelnytska str.)

18 Nov 2016

Workshop by Oksana Dzyuban

Workshop on Vocabulary Learning

Room 128, Sventsitskoho Campus

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